Single-Family Homes

Capital Notes and Properties is interested in your single family residence. We specialize in Short Sales, Probate and Ugly Houses.  If you need help with a short sale, or a probate, contact us and one of our team will call you back to help you out.

If you have an Ugly house, our investors are willing to buy it from you with cash. We close quickly, fill out our contact form and we will call you back with an offer.

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Multi-Family Properties

Our team is systematically finding, evaluating, and acquiring income-producing real estate. We buy in stable and appreciating markets, follow local economic cycles, and support each opportunity with multiple exit strategies.

Our goal is to invest in income-producing properties that are secured by the revenue they generate. The objective is strong cash flow, forced appreciation, and tax shelter through real estate acquisitions and asset management.

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Mortgage and Commercial Notes

Are You Presently Collecting Payments on a Mortgage Note, Deed or Land Contract? Are You in Need of Cash, and Would Like to Sell All or Part of Your Income Stream? If So, We Can Help. Learn all the options that are available to you.

Capital notes and properties is also interested in commercial notes that secure multi-family properties.  We are also interested in pools of notes, both performing or non-performing.  Click the learn more button below.

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Anytime a homeowner runs into financial trouble dire consequences can enter into the equation. That is especially true when it comes to foreclosure of the home that was used to secure the debt owed to the lender who is now foreclosing to get title to the property back.

However, there are several methods that homeowners in financial distress can use to stop foreclosure fast. Contact us and we can help you determine what is the best route for you to take, as each homeowners situation is different.

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short-sale-sign1Capital Notes and Properties can help you with your short sale.

In a nutshell, a Short Sale is negotiating with a mortgage holder to accept less then what is owed as a full payment of the loan.

In order to qualify for a short sale, the homeowner needs to be able to show a financial hardship.  This could be from a loss of job, medical and / or illness, death of a spouse, etc.  Most bank would prefer to not take a house back through the forclosure process.

If you are a homeowner who is simply cannot make your mortgage payment anymore and would like assistance on a short sale, please call and we can help answer any questions you may have.